11-12 February 2016 | Edinburgh
Speaker: Philip Withers, School of Materials, The University of Manchester
Time: 11:00 - 11:45
Location: St Trinnean's Room

Aims of the Sir Henry Royce Institute of Materials Research and Innovation

  • Accelerate safely and with confidence the use of advanced materials in existing and emerging industrial sectors within the UK.
  • Underpin and provide growth to the entire UK manufacturing base and reduce the time to market from invention to application for new materials, with significant knock-on impact for the national economy.
  • Invent and innovate new materials in various sectors covering fabricating, testing, analysing and demonstration, under different operating environments and provide the 'missing link' in the development of materials within the UK.
  • Cover a number of sectors from soft-to-hard-to-functional materials allowing translation of ideas across sectors.
  • Provide an international beacon for UK expertise and deliver national leadership and critical mass to allow identification of expertise within the UK.
  • Attract inward national and international investment from industry, academia and government.
  • Provide the required skills and training, allowing industrialists to work alongside academics, to produce the expertise of the future from apprentices to doctorates.