11-12 February 2016 | Edinburgh
John Irvine

Professor, School of Chemistry, University of St Andrews

John Irvine is Professor of Chemistry at the University of St Andrews. His first degree is in Chemical Physics from Edinburgh University and he obtained a DPhil from the University of Ulster in Photoelectrochemistry. His research interests are in solid state ionics, new materials, ceramic processing, electrochemistry, fuel cell technology, hydrogen, photoelectrochemistry, electrochemical conversion and heterogeneous catalysis.

He has established a significant international research grouping investigating fundamental electrochemistry, solid state chemistry and materials science addressing critical energy problems.  This research is driven both by the need to solve the current environmental and energy supply problems facing mankind and an interest in new science that challenges conventional assumptions.  Major drivers for this research are

  • To discover new solid state chemistries and apply these in strategic applications.
  • Increasing the penetration of renewable, clean energy technologies supporting decentralised energy technologies. 
  • Finding new solutions for storage of renewable energy via electrochemical means including utilising CO2 to produce clean feedstocks and fuels. 
  • Developing our understanding of the electrochemical and chemical processes occurring at the critical interfaces in active electrochemical systems.